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Performance Outcome Measures Report
 Fatherhood and Mentoring Chair: Bro. Donald Williams
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2nd District Fatherhood and Mentoring Program

#Mentoring Every Day # Every Where # Shaping Lives!

Strategic Direction


Brothers, I am honored and excited that Sherman Charles, D.R. 35th  has asked me to serve and lead the 2nd District Fatherhood and Mentoring Program.  As a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity for 28 years, I welcome the opportunity to work together to “Tell the 2nd District Story” and share the incredible success that we have together achieved under the Fatherhood and Mentoring Program, (FMP).  


The Mighty 2nd District Fatherhood and Mentoring Committee welcomes you to our website.  I hope you feel the excitement about the extremely important work we are embarking on as support families and communities across the five states (NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD).  What a “collective impact” we can have! 


The purpose of this site is twofold: 1) provide mission statement, 2)strategic direction and 3) to use this site as an information repository to highlight the incredible mentoring programs for young males.  This year’s there is a special emphasis on establishing Adult Fathers Mentoring Programs.     


Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., has engaged communities for a very long time with meaningful parenting and mentoring programs across the Nation.  With transitioning of the historical partnership with the Presidency of Barack Obama to the new administration, the Fraternity work under the Fatherhood and Mentoring Program continue to be vital.  We must persist in increasing the awareness on the importance of responsible fatherhood and expand our partnerships with as many like-minded community organizations, public agencies, schools, and advocates of responsible parenting.  We must work to solve the problem of paternal absenteeism, deconstruct negative stereotypes, and celebrate those who are engaged in their children’s lives, the children in their families, and the children of their communities.  Children are the future! Our future is only as bright as what we as parents invest in them – all of them, not just our own, so that they can be a light to this world.


Effective and timely communication are key factors to any organizations success.  By centralizing and leveraging the use of technology, we can model and duplicate successes to have an even greater impact in our communities and identify concerns in hopes with better awareness and more efficiency to prevent future challenges.  To aid us in this goal, the FMP Committee has established a “One-Stop Reporting” template to document and report the work our district/chapters members are engaged.     


Donald Williams II, 2nd District Chairman, Fatherhood and Mentoring Program


  • Fatherhood and Mentoring Major Tenets
    • Public Awareness
    • Partnerships
    • Celebrate and Uplift Image of Fathers
    • Public Advocacy (Funding & Favorable Legislation)


  • National Fatherhood Initiative says approximately 24 million children (2 out of 3) African American children grow up without a father in the home.


  • Objective:  We want to increase the number of African American children who grow up in two parent households in our district. 



  • Young people, especially our males are not reading at grade level by the 3rd grade (44% could neither read or comprehend)


  • Objective:  Increase reading and comprehension levels in all students in our district by donating books to all pre-K and elementary students, establishing book clubs to engage males in reading, developing tutor programs, etc.


  • 36% High School Graduation Rate for males


  • Objective:  Increase graduation rates by nurturing, coaching, and mentoring young males to reach their full potential.


  • To many “Single Headed Households with unattended loss of a parent. 

               -- too many homes headed by single mothers


  • Our young people feel their lives doesn’t matter and no one really cares about them -- this directly impacts young male’s growth and development as they navigate adolescence. 


  • Our experience working with dads show that engaging fathers in the well-being of their children is vital.  Dads makes a tremendous difference in the growth and development of their children which significantly impacts the entire family!


  • Chapters are encouraged to develop programs aimed at helping men  “to help their children grow into healthy young adults” – resulting in stronger families across the 2nd District.


  • Our aim to have stronger families and communities by working with men to be better fathers and positive role models.                                    




The mission of Fatherhood and Mentoring Program is critical and we can have the

greatest impact with the active participation of all 85 chapters being strategically engaged with continue programs aimed at Mentoring Young Males to help them reach their full potential.


This year’s there is a special emphasis on establishing Adult Father’s Mentoring Programs aimed at helping men to “help their children grow into healthy young adults” which will result in stronger families, invested communities, and a better world for us all to live.  Our aim to have stronger families and communities by working with men to be better fathers and positive role models.                                    


A Difference Dads Make Is Immeasurable!


2nd District Fatherhood and Mentoring Program Strategic Direction





To have every Chapter engage in Young Males Mentoring and/or Adult Father’s Mentoring Programs.



85 Active Chapters - Collective Impact!


2nd District Legacy and Collective Impact

What does it look like if each Omega man will increase his engagement with just 2 young males in your community?


Omega Challenge: For “each” Omega Man to Mentor at least 2 Young Males and/or Adult Fathers.

Highly encourage a second grade student and 8th grade student.


Establish 2nd District Calendar for Fatherhood and Mentoring events to promote Chapter’s “FMP Signature Activities/Events” in advance

Attendance by Senior Leadership D.R., 1st VP, Area Champions.


Chapters to complete Performance Measures Template Report!

Quantifiable Outcomes for D.R. Report, equally important will help Tell the 2nd District Story that will help to connect with Corporate Sponsorship Funding!


Leverage IT Technology – FMP Presence on 2nd District Website.

See 2nd District Website, Committee – FMP is the second file. Thanks Jeff Givens.


Positive Press Day: Post Social Media Chapter’s Fatherhood & Mentoring Program Successes.


Every Wednesday – (Face Book & InGram, etc). 90% users on social media, let’s use it to tell Omega’s positive story!


Stay Connected: Monthly Conference Calls with FMP Chairman- Share your Chapter’s FMP Successes and upcoming events.

Enhance Communication

1st Monday of each month.

Phrase 2:

Connect 2nd District to Corporate Sponsors, Businesses, and Grants with like-minded community organizations and agencies, public and parenting advocacy that celebrates males who are engaged in their children’s lives.



2nd District FMP CHECK LIST


Step #1: For every Chapter in the 2nd District to appoint a Champion/Chairman for the Fatherhood and Mentoring Program.  


Step #2:   The new IHQ direction is a “special emphasis” to have every Chapter engage in “Young Males Mentoring Program” and/or “Adult Fathers Mentoring Program”.


Step #3:  Submit Articles with 3 JPEG Pictures (Take Action Pictures to tell the story), 12 Times New Roman, 350 words, (Begin Article with the City, State, and Date, i.e., The Omega Men of Mu Rho held its Father’s Matter Mentoring Workshop on December 15, 2016).



Step #4:  New Template: Go to link and “complete” the Performance Outcome Measures Template Report.

(Add Link Here)


Step #5:   Complete survey, list collaborative partners and media outreach efforts (public outreach, ads, press releases, newsletters, etc.)




The top priority is to Tell the “2nd District Story" by improving internal and external communication.  If your Chapter is planning FMP events, please email me so we can (put your event on the calendar) to promote and showcase this extremely important work of impacting lives of fathers, sons and families.  


Chapter FMP Chairman should go to the website (Add Link Here) (, click on Performance Outcomes Measures Report and enter “important Chapter’s data” on for each FMP activity.


I know there are many more Chapters that have incredible FMP programs that touch the heart and minds of our young males and adult fathers.  So get connected to help Tell the “2nd District Story" under the Fatherhood and Mentoring Program.



#Mentoring Every Day # Every Where # Shaping Lives!

COMMITTEE: Brother Sherman Charles, 35th District Representative

Brother Kendal Smalls, 1st Vice District Representative






Jeff Givens

Theta Mu Mu

Baltimore County, MD

(518) 323-6123

Lawrence Williams

Theta Mu Mu

Baltimore County, MD


(443) 413-4423

Jeffrey Diggs

Mu Rho

Annapolis County, MD

(443) 758-6004

Shaun Ratliff

Mu Nu

Montgomery County, MD

(678) 371-3895

Reginald Henry

Mu Nu

Montgomery County, MD,

(202) 581-1825

Gabe Brown

Mu Nu

Montgomery County, MD


Aula Sumbry

Delta Upsilon

Trenton, NJ

(609) 638-7635

Matthew Stevens

Phi Upsilon

Neptune, NJ

(973) 820-8999

Darrell Edmonds

Upsilon Alpha

Atlantic City, NJ

(609) 680-0322

Bleu Colquitt

Lambda Gamma Gamma

Prince Georges County, MD

(301) 534-8814

Nick Charles

Lambda Gamma Gamma

Prince Georges County, MD

(702) 860-6698

Benson Macon

Lambda Gamma Gamma

Prince Georges County, MD

(804) 241-5231

Thaddious Goodman

Alpha Lambda Lambda

Frederick County, MD


Damaas Stephens

Zeta Iota Iota


(267) 444-8821

M. Thompson

Mu Omega



(267) 620-2550

Steve Cooper

Upsilon Phi

Newark, NJ

732) 500 – 7368

Jamal Parker


2nd District Photographer


(410) 274


J. Witherspoonlt



IHQ Photographer


  • SEEKING REPRESENTATIVE(S) FROM EACH CORRIDOR to be directly engaged in Fatherhood and Mentoring Program.


  • ADVISORS:  34th District Representative, Brother Milton Harrison, Brother Thabiti Boone, Omega Psi Phi International Representative





#Mentoring Every Day # Every Where # Shaping Lives!