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 Honoring the oldest chapter in the Mighty Second District

on their 95th year of service


Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

"BETA Chapter's History"

Founded: February 6, 1914


On February 6, 1914, Brothers Oscar James Cooper, William Griffith Brannon and John M. McMorries were dispatched to Lincoln University to establish BETA Chapter despite the faculty's restriction on expansion.  Each of the emissaries to Lincoln had resigned himself to possible expulsion for violating the rule.  When arriving at Lincoln, these men were met with the same faculty resistance as Howard University, stating that such organizations could be breeders to militant student movements and a constant source of agitation to college administrators who were compelled to maintain good relations with those responsible for the financial support of negro education.  With this problem at hand, the three young men had to continue their state of PERSEVERANCE and were forced to take another route.


Mrs. Charlotte T. Wilson, better known as "Lottie B." Wilson who had become familiarized with these men and their intentions aided them in their quest.  She opened her humble home to them and that same evening, BETA Chapter with the induction of 19 charter members was established.


As the emissaries returned to Howard their exuberance about the expansion had subsided.  Finally, when they arrived, no notice of their insubordination was submitted and Omega was on its way to expansion.  From that memorable evening to the present, BETA Chapter has been known as the "First Stepping Stone of Omega's Expansion."  As the Fraternity flourished as a whole, so did BETA Chapter in its own ways.

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DID YOU KNOW... The "Mighty" Second District has more single-letter chapters than any other district in all of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.?  Count them up for yourself and see!