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100 Ques In Annapolis

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Here is the list of garages and lots available for brothers to park in. Parking in one of the garages is suggested as Annapolis Police/Traffic Enforcement are very diligent and love to do their job. To access the full list of parking resources you can go here (


Knighton Garage                       1A Colonial Ave., Annapolis

Gott's Court Garage                   25 Northwest Street , Annapolis

Noah Hillman Garage                150 Gorman Street , Annapolis

Park Place Garage                     One Park Place, Annapolis

Visitor Center Lot                      Calvert St, Annapolis

South Street Lot                         South St. off of Church Circle, Annapolis

Calvert Street Garage                 19 St Johns St, Annapolis

Whitmore Garage                       25 Clay Street Annapolis

Donner Lot                                 120-199 Compromise Street, Annapolis

Navy Marine Corp Stadium       550 Taylor Ave Annapolis

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What is the “Annapolis Free Downtown Shuttle”?


It is a shuttle bus that quickly and efficiently moves individuals from the around the downtown Annapolis area. This service begins at the Park Place Garage located off West Street and connects several parking garages and surface parking lots with local restaurants and businesses. The Free Downtown Shuttle makes stops at the following locations:


  • West Street at Colonial Avenue – Eastbound (Knighton Garage)

  • West Street at Lafayette Avenue – Eastbound (Gotts & Whitmore Garages)

  • Church Circle (Circuit Court)

  • Duke Of Gloucester Street (City Hall)

  • Main Street at Gorman (shops, restaurants & City Dock)

  • Church Circle between Main & School Streets

  • West Street at Calvert Street – Westbound (Gotts & Whitmore Garages)

  • West Street at Lafayette Avenue – Westbound (Whitmore Garage

  • West Street at Colonial Avenue – Westbound (Knighton Garage)

Wheelchair lifts and bike racks are available on the shuttle buses.

When does the Shuttle operate?

The shuttle operates on the following schedule:


Monday-Thursday: 6AM-11PM 
Friday-Saturday: 7AM-12AM
Sunday: 8AM-8PM

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