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Troy Manigault


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Robert Manning, Ed.D

   Chairman Emeritus



On behalf of the Membership Selection Committee (MSC), current and past members, we offer our sincere thanks, appreciation and respect to a true Brother, Mentor and Friend -- Bro. Dr. Robert "Maddog" Manning.  In recognition of his 29 years of distinguished service to Second District (2D) as the MSC Chairman dating back to 1994 where he lead the 2D Membership Selection Program (MSP) and representing 2D at the International (IHQ) MSC level, Bro. Dr. Manning was honored with the designation of emeritus by Bro. Delrecole Gales, 38th Second District Representative.  We offer our congratulations and thanks to him for his decades of leadership and service and the well-earned honor.  We also appreciate his continued guidance and support in his retired role as the MSC Senior Advisor as our recognized subject matter expert.  GOD Bless... Brother, Mentor and Friend.  

8 vs. 80

“Members vs. Men” (excerpt)


“The value of our Fraternity is not in numbers, but in men, in real brotherhood.  Eight men thoroughly immersed in the true Omega spirit are far greater assets than eighty with lukewarm enthusiasm.’


“Do thy duty that is best, leave unto the Lord the rest.”


Bro. Walter H. Mazyck | OMEGA Chapter

( brief biography below)


To provide Brothers with the required information, guidance and contact information necessary to help ensure the appropriate and consistent application and execution of the Membership Selection Program (MSP) for the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.


  • Second District (2D) MSP Qualifications | Expires October 31, 2022*

  • Member Code of Conduct (as approved by the 80th Grand Conclave, July 2016)**

  • MSP Forms**

  • Special Event Checklist*


* MSP Qualifications training for 2022-2023 will be announced through the DKRS and other appropriate communications. 

** Controlled documents available to Brothers via controlled login at


MSP In-person Training conducted by the 2D MSC is required for Brothers who wish to participate in 2D MSP.  To be "MSP Qualified" in 2D requires a Brother:

  • Be fully-financial and in good standing with Nationals, 2D and a 2D Chapter;

  • Complete IHQ MSP On-line Training within 5 years of the MSP period with 70% or better*

  • Complete 2D MSP In-person Training within the Omega Year of MSP period | NOV 1st - OCT 31st

  • Complete Form 9A-1I, Classroom Training Confirmation Form | signatures & dated

* Log into iQUE Brother's Management System via, Profile section, under MSP tab.

NOTE:  Form 9A-20, Acknowledgement and Indemnification Agreement is currently no longer required.


Contact the Membership Selection Committee Chairman via

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