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DR's Corner

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Kelvin K. Ampofo

37th Second District Representative


Delrecole Gales

1st Vice District Representative


Christopher Barton

2nd Vice District Representative


Amir Shareef

District Keeper of Records and Seal


Adrian Wilcox

District Keeper of Finance


Bertrand Harry

District Counselor


Ronald Williams, Jr.

District Chaplain


Zanes E. Cypress, Jr.

District Director of Public Relations


Desmond Victor

District Keeper of Peace


J. Kendall Smalls Immediate Past District Representative


Amir Archer

Undergraduate Representative


Khalifa Ndir

Undergraduate Representative


Magnum Phelps

Undergraduate Representative


Dr. Rahmon Hart

73rd District Marshal


Jamal Parker

District Photographer


Carl Bell

Assistant District Keeper of Records and Seal


Dr. Danny Ebb

Assistant District Keeper of Finance


Brian K. Long

Chief of Staff


Lawrence L. Smallwood Resources and Services Chairman, Emeritus


Ronald J. Moffitt

Director of Public Relations, Emeritus


Larry Pough

Talent Hunt Chairman, Emeritus


George T. Smith Sr.

District Photographer, Emeritus


Rev. Dr. Christopher T. Curry

Chaplain, Emeritus

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OFFICE OF THE 37th Second District Representative

Kelvin K. Ampofo




Brothers of the Mighty 2nd District,                                   June 21, 2020


I greet you in the name of the Supreme Basileus of the Universe. Despite the times we are facing with COVID-19 and the continued acts of social injustice, I hope this correspondence finds you and your families in great spirits as we know that these times too, shall pass.


I wanted to take the time to wish all of the brothers a wonderful and Happy Father’s Day. As fathers, and father-like figures, we never want to see our kids go astray. We do our best to ensure they are nurtured with love and provided with the necessary resources daily. Let us continue to be the heroes for our children, the heads of our households, and the leaders in our communities.  

Let this not be a day for ties, golf clubs, and coffee cups, but a day of reflection and enjoyment for all that we have done and continue to do as fathers and men of Omega.

Again, Happy Father’s Day and please visit link #1 HERE and link # 2 HERE to see the special videos as a tribute to the brothers and their families of the 2nd District.

Stay safe, stay well and enjoy this day.


Kelvin K. Ampofo


37th Second District Representative

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