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The information on this page is not a scientific study but a chronicle of the vaccination experience of Bro. Jedan Phillips, M.D.

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Dr. Phillips is volunteering in the COVID-19 ward of a New York hospital and wants to "big up" the janitorial staff who clean every room multiple times daily regardless of how sick that patient is, or how dirty the room is. They do their jobs with no fear! Last but definitely not least, I want to big up the nurses! Imagine your parent is in a hospital today with covid, or any other medical condition, and they can not have visitors. The nurses manage the patients’ fears and the families’ concerns on top of all the other patient care duties that they are responsible for! It's been an honor to be part of the care team for these incredibly ill patients. Folks please, please wear your masks, sanitize, and social distance. After my shift I can go home and love up my family. I recognize how blessed I am. God bless y’all!

Day 1 Vaccination - Updated

Dec. 23rd 2020

"I firmly believe and trust science! Got mine today!" I received the Pfizer 2 shot vaccine. I will be receiving my second booster shot 21 days after my first shot.

Post Vaccination Day 1

Dec 24th 2020


Besides a slight amount of soreness in my shoulder (at shot site), I am Gucci! No fever / no chills. Was able to do my morning spin class and vinyasa power yoga without any limitations. Stay safe good people! Wear your masks!

Post Vaccination Day 2

Dec 25th 2020


Arm soreness gone. No fever/ no aches. All is good in my hood! Merry Xmas! Stay safe and wear a mask! Caution with the gatherings folks, most cases coming from social gatherings!

Post Vaccination Day 3

Dec 26th 2020


No discomfort at all. Injection site skin normal. No fever/no chills. Normal energy and appetite. Stay safe folks! Wear your masks! Peace!

Post Vaccination Day 4

Dec 27th 2020


No symptoms of concern. No fever/chills. No fatigue or other general symptoms. No pain at injection site. Stay safe y’all! Wear your masks! Roooo

Post Vaccination Day 5

Dec 28th 2020


No fever or chills. No general symptoms. No pain in my left arm/ shoulder ( site of injection). Stay masked up folks! Peace!

Post Vaccination Day 6

Dec 29th 2020


No chills. No general symptoms. No pain at site of injection . ! Prayers up for all those that are dealing with covid right now! Please wear your masks!

Post Vaccination Day 7

Dec 30th 2020


Day 7 after vaccination ( Pfizer #1) and doing well. No fever / chills. No general symptoms. No pain at injection site. Stay safe ! Stay masked up! Peace!

Post Vaccination Day 15

Jan 8th 2021


Day 15 post Vac and all is good on my end! Have my appointment set to receive my second shot on 1/14/21. Salute to all of my friends and fraternity brothers, who were skeptical about vaccine but trusted the science and trusted me! A number of them have taken the vaccine to protect their family and themselves, because the Rona is out here ! Stay safe good people ! Wear your masks!

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