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Fatherhood & Mentoring 

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2nd District Fatherhood Initiative and Youth Mentoring Committee

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Strategic Direction


The Mighty 2nd District Fatherhood Initiative and Youth Mentoring Committee welcomes you to our website.  I hope you feel the excitement about the extremely important work we are embarking on that supports families and communities across the five states (NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD).  What a "collective impact" we can have!

The purpose of this site is threefold: 1) provide the mission statement 2) give strategic direction and 3) to use this site as an information repository to highlight the incredible mentoring programs for young males.


Our mission is clear, intentional, and strategic driven: you have approximately 80 Chapters actively engaged in their community by mentoring your males, and dads.  Our Chapters must be intentional about developing programs aimed at helping men to "help their children grow into healthy young adults" - resulting in stronger families across the 2nd District.

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., has engaged communities for a very long time with meaningful parenting and mentoring programs across the Nation.  With the transitioning of the historical partnership with the Presidency of Barack Obama to the new administration, the Fraternity work under the Fatherhood and Mentoring Program continues to be vital.  We must persist with increasing the awareness on the importance of responsible fatherhood and expanding our partnerships with as many like-minded community organizations, public agencies, schools, and advocates of responsible parenting.  We must work to solve the problem of paternal absenteeism, deconstruct negative stereotypes, and celebrate those who are engaged in their children's lives, the children in their families, and the children of their communities.  Children are the future!  Our future is only as bright as what we as parents invest in them - all of them, not just our own, so that they can be the light of this world.


  • RAISE AWARENESS: by being intentional about telling the 2nd District incredible success stories and the mentoring work chapters are doing in communities across the five states (NY, NJ, PA, DE, and MD).  We must always TELL OUR STORY by submitting articles and photos for your mentoring programs monthly!

  • PARTNERSHIPS: Chapters are to start a youth program.  If you do not have a mentoring program you are encouraged to seek partnerships with reputable like-minded organizations in your community such as the local Big Brothers and Big Sisters or Social Services that's intentional about mentoring young people and fathers.

  • QUES ON THE MOVE: The objective is to expand the initiative via SKYPE to include more chapters across the five states to share their incredible work.  We want to use social media outlets to expand the positive message under the Fatherhood and Mentoring work for strengthening families across the 2nd District.  Approximately 400,000 listeners use social media outlets.  I believe this is the "new frontier" for our fraternity to engage the community in conversations about the important role fathers play their children's lives and chapter's mentoring program.

  • WE VOTE - WE LEAD: Mid-Term elections are crucial!  The Call to Action is a nationwide initiative that encourages Fathers to teach young males about their civic responsibility to participate in the voting process.

  • CELEBRATE MEN: Men who are engaged in their children's lives and those fatherless children in your community.  Let's be the voice for public and parenting advocacy to eliminate the stereotypes and existence of uninvolved fathers.

  • FUTURE DADS: Chapters to support our undergraduates with implementing the Future Dad Program  on various campuses!

  • SUB-COMMITTEE FOR LEGISLATIVE ADVOCACY: The purpose of the sub-committee is to stay connected, track and monitor Legislative House Bills that impact young males, Adult Fathers, issues that strengthen families.  To make recommendations in writing to FMP Chairman to be vetted to District Executive Counselors and District Representatives for final decisions.


  • Public Awareness

  • Partnerships

  • Celebrate and Uplift Image of Fathers

  • Public Advocacy (Funding & Favorable Legislation)


Request chapters to submit a monthly report reflecting the significant planned activity you are doing in your community under the Fatherhood Initiative and Youth Mentoring Program.

MONTHLY -- "Telling the 2nd District Story Report"

  1. Is your chapter engaged in young male Mentoring Programs?

  2. Is your chapter engaged in adult fathers mentoring Programs?

  3. Provide a brief program description on focus area, significant activities and how often do you conduct meetings.

  4. How many are impacted monthly?

  5. How many total dads are being mentored?

  6. How many total high school students are being mentored?

  7. How many total middle school students are being mentored?

  8. How many total elementary school students are being mentored?

  9. How many total community collaborative partners do you have?

  10. How many total brothers are participating?

Fatherhood & Mentoring - Media

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Donald Williams II

2nd District Chairman

Fatherhood Initiative & Youth Mentoring Committee

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