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Kelvin K. Ampofo

37th Second District Representative


Delrecole Gales

1st Vice District Representative


Christopher Barton

2nd Vice District Representative


Amir Shareef

District Keeper of Records and Seal


Adrian Wilcox

District Keeper of Finance


Bertrand Harry

District Counselor


Ronald Williams, Jr.

District Chaplain


Zanes E. Cypress, Jr.

District Director of Public Relations


Desmond Victor

District Keeper of Peace


J. Kendall Smalls Immediate Past District Representative


Amir Archer

Undergraduate Representative


Khalifa Ndir

Undergraduate Representative


Magnum Phelps

Undergraduate Representative


Dr. Rahmon Hart

73rd District Marshal


Jamal Parker

District Photographer


Carl Bell

Assistant District Keeper of Records and Seal


Dr. Danny Ebb

Assistant District Keeper of Finance


Brian K. Long

Chief of Staff


Lawrence L. Smallwood Resources and Services Chairman, Emeritus


Ronald J. Moffitt

Director of Public Relations, Emeritus


Larry Pough

Talent Hunt Chairman, Emeritus


George T. Smith Sr.

District Photographer, Emeritus


Rev. Dr. Christopher T. Curry

Chaplain, Emeritus

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OFFICE OF THE 37th Second District Representative

Kelvin K. Ampofo




Brothers of the Mighty 2nd District,

The past several weeks have been filled with outrage, displeasure, hatred, and acrimony. We watched another black life perish before our eyes, at the hands of a white police officer!


As we watched the life of George Floyd vanish, and as we heard those three words, “I can’t breathe,” I was again outraged while others stood around and did nothing. I, too, share the sentiments as all of you. This is the 3rd black person killed in less than a month, for no legitimate reason.


I have received multiple phone calls, text messages, and e-mails and it is very clear that we as a people have had enough. The killing of innocent, unarmed black people must stop and it must stop NOW!!!!!


The time for ACTION, without question, is RIGHT NOW. Many brothers have and will continue to participate in peaceful marches and protests. My brothers, “Let our actions be the sermon, as we live our creed.” The first amendment is clear, and for those brothers that are exercising their rights, please do so smartly, peacefully, and most importantly, do it safely. Our Grand Basileus Bro. Dr. David Marion has spoken, so we are reminded that, we can wear our paraphernalia and colors as we participate. We are expected to use sound judgement and not bring harm or shame to ourselves or the fraternity. It is very important to understand that only the Grand Basileus speaks for the fraternity.


As a district, we will strategize and look at opportunities to increase our response to the social injustice that we continue to encounter. Yesterday, Bro. 1st Vice District Representative, Delrecole Gales, and I met with the district committee chairmen. We have determined that from the current 39 committees, there are five committees that will offer unique opportunities for brothers to respond to social injustice.


  1. Social Action Committee - Led by Bro. Dwayne White, we will continue to uplift our communities. There will be several opportunities to serve our communities in response to social injustice. Bro. Grand Basileus was very happy with the recent news story that featured the brothers of Epsilon Chapter and their response to social injustice by donating time at a food bank in New York City. Bro. Clyde Cole is the chapter Social Action Chair, and his committee and chapter are to be commended. There are several other chapters that continue to serve their communities. Let’s continue to uplift our “villages” during these challenging times.

  2. ​Social Justice (NAACP) Committee - Led by Bro. Qasim Rashad & Bro. Brian Monroe, this newly named    committee will do exactly what is needed in response to social injustice. Our voices will be heard at all levels within the five states of the Second District. The committee will also take measures to ensure all brothers have informative training on protests and demonstrations that guide the behavior for all who    participate.

  3. Legislative Initiatives & Policy Committee - Led by Bro. Derek Greene, the committee will review the political landscape and provide resources on candidates seeking office. The committee will also monitor current elected officials, to ensure our agendas are pushed and that the officials are working in the best interest of our brothers and their families.

  4. Public Safety & Conflict Resolution Committee - Led by Bro. Robert Littlejohn Jr., who also serves as the 2nd District Commander of Internal and Community Affairs. Bro Littlejohn is a member of the international committee for Conflict Resolution and is employed as a sworn police officer. The district will offer the opportunity for voices to be heard from a law enforcement perspective. All brothers who are sworn officers are asked to join this critical and revamped committee especially during these critical times. There will be more details in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

  5. Voter Registration & Confirmation Committee - Led by Bro. Shawn Lovell, he will take us to new heights as we prepare for elections. We have always talked about getting people registered. What this committee will also focus on is ensuring those in need get to the polls. Those brothers and sisters that are not able to stand/wait in lines will be escorted to the front, so we can see the “fruits of our labor” with overwhelming results in voter turnout.


The stressed and apprehensive society that we face as a result of social injustice and the killing of innocent, unarmed black people is exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. As we make decisions, let us be reminded that this virus has no cure and that many people are carrying the virus, yet exhibit no symptoms (i.e., asymptomatic). Let us be mindful of what we’ve learned from our COVID-19 calls and from our District Health Initiatives Chairman, Bro. Jedan Phillips, M.D. who states, “COVID-19 is still here my brothers, and we must be vigilant in adhering to our protective measures of social distancing, wearing masks, and washing hands. This is especially crucial as we go out and support our communities to protest against the unjust treatment of black men and women and systemic racism!”


My brothers, I ask that you allow Bro. Ben Crump and his team to do what they do best. I ask that you join me and stand firm with the brothers of the 10th District, led by their District Representative Bro.

Derrick Ivory, in condemning the actions taken by the police officers that murdered Mr. George Floyd. I ask for your prayers, not only for the Floyd Family, but for all families that have lost their loved ones to social injustice.

The time is coming where we will join together and confront the topic that is at the forefront of our nation. For now, we strategize, we join committees, we march and demonstrate peacefully, we join our brothers


and sisters across the nation, and we offer support, as we deal with the unfortunate tragedies of the murders of innocent, unarmed black people.


Please utilize the many resources that are available so that you know your rights. The Second District Strategic Initiatives committee chairman, Bro. Joe Drayton, Esq. in conjunction with The National Bar Association, has launched a campaign entitled “Can I Live” and has released 2 videos. I’m asking you to share with your local churches and your social networks.


“Can I Live”- Partner with Us which can be viewed by clicking HERE


“Can I Live”- Police Encounters which can be viewed by clicking HERE


Brothers, please stay safe, stay smart, and stay ready! Peace and Blessings!


Kelvin K. Ampofo

Bro. Kelvin K. Ampofo

37th Second District Representative

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