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Brothers this page is dedicated for the workings of Omega.  Documents, and Brother Updates will be provided.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

LIST | Second District "MSP Qualified" Brothers | as of 10/1/2023

Lists Brothers by name and chapter who have satisfied requirements to be "MSP Qualified" in the Second District, as of the date noted, which required they:

  • Be fully-financial and in good standing for the Omega Year with Nationals, the Second District (2D) and a 2D Chapter

  • Complete IHQ "MSP Certification Test" (on-line exam) within 5 years of the MSP cycle with a score of 70% or better

  • Complete 2D "MSP In-person Training" within the Omega Year of the MSP cycle*

  • Complete Form 9A-1I, Classroom Training Confirmation Form**

  • Complete Form 9A-20, Acknowledgement and Indemnification Agreement**

NOTE:  Omega Year is defined as November 1 to October 31.

*IHQ "MSP Classroom Training" may not be substituted for 2D "MSP In-person Training" to participate in MSP within the Second District.

**Use forms provided by the 2D Membership Selection Committee and submit completed forms to Chapter KRS.

LIST | Second District "MSP Qualified" Chapters | as of 9/12/2023

Lists Chapters by name and corridor that have satisfied requirements to be "MSP Qualified" in the Second District, which requires the following offices be  encumbered by "MSP Qualified" Brothers:

  • Basileus

  • Vice Basileus (VB)

  • Keeper of Records and Seal (KRS)

  • Keeper of Finance (KF)

NOTE:  When a chapter has multiple ranking offices for a role, such as a "First..." (1st) and "Second..." (2nd) or the primary with an  "Assistant...", the requirement applies to the First (1s) or primary officer in the role and is not transferrable.

SLIDES | Second District MSP In-person Training

MSP 101 | Operations*

Basic information intended for all Brothers concerning MSP roles, responsibilities, policies, fees and processes.

*See also MSP "Anti Hazing Workshop" slides.

MSP 201 | Administration

Intermediate information intended for key leaders**, BUT encouraged/recommended for all Brothers, concerning MSP accountability, oversight, process and procedures.

**Key leaders include the Basileus, VB, KRS, MSP Liaison and Corridor Rep

SLIDES | MSP "Anti-Hazing Workshop"

Legal Guidance

Basic information intended for all Brothers as provided by the Office of the District Counselor.

STATUTES | Anti-Hazing 

Legal References

Applicable anti-hazing statutes relevant to the five states of the Second District -- i.e., Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.  Contact and consult the District Counselor if you have questions.

FEES & INFO | as of 9/21/2023

Omega Year 2023

Applicable fees owing to Nationals and the Second District by Prospective Candidates as a condition of their membership application for consideration.  Payments noted do not grant nor guarantee a right to membership, nor are they all inclusive, as chapter-level dues will apply as determined by the chapter of initiation.  Reference the information notice in this slide deck applicable to fee refunds should the membership selection process (MSP) be discontinued after payment is submitted.  Contact your Corridor Representative for your questions.

COMMUNICATIONS | District Emails 

Committee Alerts, Notices, Requests, etc.

Select communications of ongoing importance and recurring value may be listed here for ease of reference by Brothers/Chapters.

MSC - RFI re: MSP Contact Roster

Membership Selection Committee (MSC) advance email request for information (RFI) dated November 12, 2022.

DKRS o.b.o. MSC - RFI for Chapter MSP Contacts

DKRS email on behalf of (o.b.o.) the Membership Selection Committee (MSC) request for information (RFI) dated November 14, 2022.

MSC - COMMS re: Chapter MSP Contacts | MSC-01-221228-R/N [CORRECTION]

MSC email targeted to chapters MSP leadership who responded to the RFI dated December 29, 2022.

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